NEW: Build a Comprehensive Local Marketing Report in Just 5 Minutes

How much time do you spend setting up marketing reports for a client or for your business?

A couple of hours? A whole day?

Well, in BrightLocal you can now do it in under five minutes!

That’s because we’ve just made a major upgrade to our Report Creation Wizard.

At BrightLocal, we’ve always been dedicated to simplifying the setup of marketing reporting, especially because many of our customers are building reports for multiple locations across multiple clients, and reporting on a wide set of different metrics, too!

We’re marketers ourselves, and we’ve experienced the pain of report setup first-hand when using other software. That’s why when we built the BrightLocal platform, we wanted to be able to automate as much of our report setup as possible, without compromising on the quality of insights.

In its first incarnation, Report Creation Wizard did a pretty good job of this, but we thought we could go faster. That’s why we’ve given it a complete facelift and performed some major tweaks under the hood to make it a smoother experience.

Now in just under five minutes you can create a multitude of marketing reports for a new location. We’re talking rank tracking, citation audits, reputation monitoring, GMB audits, competitor benchmarking and much more – all in under five minutes!

Don’t believe us? Then let’s see if we can convince you through the power of GIFs.


How to Create a Local Marketing Report in Just Five Minutes

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