Over the past year, lots of small businesses have struggled to carve out space for themselves in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. Even those that weren’t directly impacted by the pandemic are often quick to admit: It’s never been harder to attract and convert visitors online.

The reality, though, is the global health crisis only accelerated a trend we’ve seen developing for years. Your visitors have more options than ever. They’re bouncing more and converting less.

When we first started Unbounce, we pioneered the landing page space by educating marketers on a simple truth: Sending your traffic to a dedicated, campaign-specific page (rather than your website) leads to more conversions. Today, we’re acknowledging a new truth. Just having a landing page is no longer enough.

To maximize your results, you need to optimize your campaigns to match your visitors’ preferences and expectations—and analyzing Unbounce’s 12 years of conversion data, we know the best way to do that is through your copy.

That’s why we’re acquiring Snazzy AI, an AI content generator that takes the pain out of copywriting to help you create those optimized marketing campaigns way faster.

Why Snazzy AI Is a Perfect Fit for Unbounce

At Unbounce, we firmly believe that the way to succeed in this new…

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