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Mr Thunberg has based her defence of the “good science” she did on scientists’ reliance on the “narrative fallacy”, a belief that “you can’t explain x unless you are describing a story. And we do not want a story. We want to understand.” If a story is what we want, what does that say about how we want to understand? Are we saying we want a story at the expense of science?

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We may know this already but it cannot be taken for granted that a politician or a scientist has to use a language we can understand to convince us of something. When we encounter new words, we do not assume that it is because what the person is saying is true. We assume that the person is using a foreign language.

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get the origin of the sound that was clicked on with HTML5 audio

I have a simple HTML5 audio tag in my page. I only want to play the audio track when the user clicks on an image on the page, and it’s only a simple click, where all that’s needed is a quick click. Thus, I want the audio to start immediately, but not play when the user just hovers the mouse over the image.
I’ve done this successfully by playing the audio just once and then setting the autoplay property of the audio tag to false. But after that, when the user clicks on another image, the audio doesn’t seem to be being played, even though the user has clicked. Clicking on the play button plays it.
My question is: how can I get the audio tag to know that the audio track was started from a click event, and thus play as if the user had clicked the play button?
This is the HTML I have:

And this is the jQuery I’m using to make sure the audio is only played once and to stop it when the user clicks a different image:
$(‘#song’).prop(‘autoplay’, false);

In other words, how can I make the audio tag know that it was started by an actual click, so that it automatically plays when I click a different image?


You can add a click event that triggers the play on the audio element like this:
$(‘audio’).click(function() {
// Call the play function here:;

For a demo, see this JSFiddle:

As Phil mentioned, there