Landing Page Basics

To sell your products using Facebook or Google ads (or any online marketing), you will want to check a few things first make sure everything is set up properly before you start spending your money. Better to get things right first so you don’t waste money on things you’ll have to retest.

Your landing page strategy is very important, because that is where your users will perform your desired actions. You can send lots of super interested people to your site, but if your website is ugly, broken, not trustworthy, confusing, or difficult to maneuver, you will not get your desired result. This is important for both eCommerce sites, and lead generation. Just think, if you improve your landing page conversion rate from 1% to 2%, you have just doubled the effectiveness of any of your marketing efforts. Your cost per conversion on all your ads, on any platform, is now cut in half! That is definitely worth your time and effort to optimize your landing pages as much as you can.

Mobile Optimization

First make sure your website, landing page, and checkout process looks great on mobile.

About 94% of your Facebook ad traffic will most likely come from mobile, so if it’s not easy to navigate and read on a small smartphone, then you will be wasting money and fighting an uphill battle from the start.

Make sure you go through the whole checkout process on your phone, and have a friend do it on their phone as well, to catch other things or perhaps find differences between…

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