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Perficient Digital analyzed 1.4 million search queries to measure the state of featured snippets.

  • There was continued growth in the total incidence of Rich Answers, as shown here. In fact, these grew significantly this year.
  • There was dramatic growth in carousels, which was the primary driver in the overall increase in Rich Answers.
  • Featured snippets are up slightly from 2018, but still down from where they were in 2017.
  • Google shows about 40% more Rich Answers on mobile than on desktop.
  • Rich Answers are more common on mobile than on desktop. However, featured snippets are more common on desktop than on mobile.

You can read the full study here.

Get listed with rich results

If you want to get listed with a rich result on Google’s search results page, your web page needs JSON-LD markup code that Google uses to create rich results. The rich results creator tool is a tool that is available in the free demo version of SEOprofiler. It helps you to create JSON-LD markup code for your web pages:

Get listed with rich results

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