If you are running ads in Microsoft, you may have received an email letting you know they’ve created ads for you that are ready for review. Microsoft Ads is following Google’s lead with their suggested ad copy. It’s important to understand how these ads work and what to do if you don’t want to implement them because these ads will automatically go live unless you tell Microsoft otherwise.

What are Suggested Ads?

Ad suggestions are part of Recommendations, which are ideas offered by Microsoft Advertising to help improve your campaign’s performance. When Microsoft identifies an ad group that might be helped by having more quality ads, it creates suggested ads for that ad group. The suggested ads are variations of your existing ads, based on their keywords, ad extensions, landing page, targeting, and other relevant content.

You may be notified of suggested ads via email but you can also see notifications on the Ads tab of the Campaigns page or within Recommendations in your account. You’ll get a maximum of 50 suggested ads at any one time.

microsoft suggested ad recommendations

If you have enabled Auto-apply ad suggestions under your Account level options, you have a 14-day review period in which you can apply, edit, or decline any suggested ad. If no action is taken on an ad by the end of the review period, it automatically applies to your ad group and these ads will become a part of your ad group’s rotation.

You can also choose to apply suggested ads immediately…

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