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Radium-226 is a rare alpha-emitting radioisotope with the chemical symbol Ra-226. It has a half-life of 1.85 years and decays by electron capture (76.9% of the time) and alpha decay (21.1% of the time) to radon-224 (a stable isotope). It can decay further to protactinium-228 (stable), or to neptunium-224 (stable).

Radium-226 was first found by Alfred Philipp-Berthold in 1909 when he was researching a way to distinguish the uranium ores from potash ores that he was working with at the time. He found that the mineral pitchblende contains more radium than thorium. Radium is more abundant on earth than uranium, so the light alpha emission of thorium cannot be used as a guide for the presence of uranium in ore bodies. He found that the pitchblende contained much more radium than he had expected, suggesting the presence of an unknown radium-containing substance. Philipp-Berthold named the unknown element radium, and theorized that it was a group of elements that collectively he called “raio-alkalies”. In 1909 he wrote: “I found in the localities La Brume, Châtel-St-Denis and Grenoble, radium in amounts which make it probable that this element is common to the whole universe.” His first step to discovering the identity of the elements in the raio-alkalies was to separate them from thorium by distillation. The elements were identified in the years following by chemists such as E. O. Reber, E. C. Taylor and V. S. Ramachandran. In 1898, the element was finally named for the Greek god of the sun, but it was not until 1917 that it was discovered that radium is the alpha emitters of a new radioactive element found on uranium ores.

Radium-226 is produced by uranium(n,p) radium-226

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