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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



Bring the world of card games to your fingertips! Enjoy the simplicity and feel of card games with the freedom of cards and tables.
Shuffle cards and add them to your hands, flip them around, and pick up cards to show them to your friends.
Keep your cards organized and clean, or you can import your own from CGS.
Roll the dice and it’s your turn to play!
Watch people’s reactions when you show off your new ability cards.
…and beyond!
– Really deep features for card-game enthusiasts.
– Easy to learn.
– Beautiful interface.
– Customizable gameplay features.
– Local hot seat multiplayer.
– Play online over LAN or the Internet.
– Save, share, and download your own content.
– 3 Different games for you to play.
– Play an online game with friends by drawing a hot-seat seat.
– Play a multi-player game where more than two people can play together on the same table at once.
– Create and play your own original card games using the Editor.
– Work on the sourcecode to modify your game if you would like to.
– Supports both English and French (with more languages to be added soon).
– Play over LAN or the Internet.
– A deep “advanced” mode will be available for those who really want to go deep.
– Single-player options to start a game immediately, without waiting for a friend.


Yeah – you can hook up your own decks. I did this a couple of years ago using VBulletin where I made a Mega-Board in which you can really show off whatever decks you want.
Here’s an outline I used, but you can whip it up in any way you like:

Create a table with three borders (two sides and one bottom). The table is wide enough to hold 50+ players, and long enough to create the impression of a very large board.
Create three boards of 50 wide and 8 high.
Create a scoreboard with scrollable lists so that you can show off your decks.
Create a Messageboard with scrollable message boxes so that you can post your scores.

Once you have your Mega-Board up and running, you will want to insert 12 images (in this example, I used 9 popular card types) directly


Features Key:

  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Unlockable content
  • Online leaderboards
  • Integrated game store


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DCS: A-10C Warthog brings the A-10C Warthog into the DCS World with an impressive level of quality and realism, right down to the cockpit. It supports full DCS World scenery and is based on the most up-to-date aircraft.
The A-10C was the U.S. Air Force’s all-purpose close air support aircraft for more than 25 years. During the Vietnam War it destroyed thousands of enemy soldiers and hundreds of armored vehicles. A-10Cs continuously made their way into combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
DCS: World A-10C Warthog is a new team of skilled and dedicated developers, who have contributed years of experience and passion to create a faithful recreation of the A-10C Warthog in DCS World.
Key features:
Bring the A-10C Warthog into DCS World with an impressive level of quality and realism, right down to the cockpit.
Experience authentic flight controls with a true analog stick and adjustable Flight Sticks and Thumb Buttons.
DCS: A-10C Warthog features 11 aircraft models, over 20 weapons types (including all weapon modes), more than 2,000 components, more than 10,000 sound effects and full flight dynamics.
Immerse yourself in high definition open-cockpit cockpit views and the latest Digital Cockpit 2 technology.
DCS World 2.5 brings an unrivaled level of freedom and realism to flight simulation.
In addition, it brings a number of significant improvements for the entire DCS experience, including the refinement of the graphics engine, networking, and various gameplay systems.


Burning Skies is a new Campaign designed for a specific tier of player: people that want to focus on the aspects of flying without necessarily focusing on dogfights.

Burning Skies includes two linked levels, which means that if you complete the first level, you unlock the second one for free.

With Burning Skies you get to learn how to do a Specific Landing Procedure. With its continued practice, you will be capable of landing the aircraft in a realistic way.

There are 12 Specific Landing procedures to practice during the Campaign. For each landing, we will give you a series of video Tutorials to guide you through the steps of landing the aircraft in a safe way.

Our Experts will also provide advice on how to prepare your fighter for the next landing.

The Campaign consists of 12 real


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When you play game “RUN OR FIGHT”, the game checks your fitness levels and your running speed will affect how you move in the game.
New Upgrade function:
You can upgrade your Fitness, Running speed, and Time Flying.
You can select and use just one of these upgradents.
Purchase Upgrade:
When you have a certain amount of Time T, you can purchase an upgrade for a price of Time T.
Upgrade Function:
You can use a certain amount of acquired Time T to upgrade.
-Option to Use Fitness
-Option to Use Running Speed
-Option to Use Time T Upgrade
-Option to Replace Time T Upgrade
When selecting upgrade function, it will not clear your progress.
-If you have a certain amount of Time T, you can see the function and purchase it.
-If you select the Fitness option or Running Speed option, your Fitness will instantly be increased at the same time that you will run faster.
-If you select the Time T Upgrade option, the Time T you used will be returned.
-If you select Replace, the Time T you have to use will be replaced with another Time T you chose at the minimum.
-If you select to Replace, it will return you as it is.
Since you have to sit at the same position before you purchase Time T Upgrade or Fitness Upgrade.
When you use Time T Upgrade, if it is the last option of TIME T upgrade, you will see a message that you can’t purchase Time T Upgrade, please cancel the purchase.
[Also, there is upgrade function for Time T which will increase running speed, so check it carefully.]
-Selecting the Time T Upgrade will increase the running speed without increasing Fitness.
-Some facilities will be available or will be closed depending on which option you select.
-The running speed will be determined by the fitness you have before you started to run.
-You can’t increase the running speed of the same dog.
-The dog becomes exhausted if it runs for a long time.
-If you run away on your own will increase the running speed by less amount.
-You can cancel the purchase.
-If you cancel the purchase while you have been upgraded, you will return it to its original state.
-You can purchase Fitness Upgrade before you start to run if you have Fitness.
-The price will be increased as your fitness will be more.
-If you cancel the purchase before you


What’s new in Mech Troid:

The Adventures of Bluke Bifton is a live action American television series loosely based on the 1944 short story Blook by Edith Parkinson Richards and having the same title. It aired as an ABC after school special from November 16, 1964 to November 28, 1964, and from October 20, 1965 to March 18, 1965.

The single-camera series was produced by David L. Wolper (credited as David L.R.) and Lee Alliston. It was set in San Francisco, California.

The story is about a boy named Bluke Bifton, who is continually getting into mischief. He is a stereotypical member of the Bifton family, whose members often were trouble-makers. Bluke’s family were exterminators of rats.

Bluke’s father (Bob Frank) was a bit of a hero about rats because he found his symbol Roger (the rats in the family crest), but his original purpose of exterminating rodents had not been fulfilled. On Christmas Eve 1968, Bluke discovered a stray cat in his home and took it to a pet shop with the hope of finding the owner. While there, Bluke looked around and found the dead body of some adult rat with Roger’s whisker missing. The shopkeeper invited Bluke to his home for free lunch on Christmas Day, where Bluke found dogs in the garage, and a cat named Pussy at the manger. That night, at his home, Bluke found a new companion for the cat, and a companion of another kind when he was visited by his younger sister Ling (Samantha Laber).

Some time later, Bluke finds Roger in the trash. It becomes clear that his father has died of a heart attack during the burglary, leaving Bluke in charge of the “family” business. Bluke then found a new companion of his own kind by day, a young boy named Stick (also played by Michael Smith), but at night was visited by his aging mother, who gave him a copper statue of St. Francis, warning him not to play with rats or he would turn into one, also to beware of his new friend Pussy, that will get a smell of rats.

One day when the pet shop was being renovated, Stick found a key in the trash, and unlocked a big box; he found the “loot” of the Christmas Day, which included a strange contraption made of metal and wooden wheels which he used to escape a bad dream.


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Secret Ponchos is a 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up with RPG elements, featuring fluid, cinematic animation and a deep combat system. Developed by veteran game developers, this ambitious 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up is a high-fidelity tribute to the good old side-scrolling beat ’em ups of the 16-bit era. Secret Ponchos is a comedy of errors, from the day to day routines of life in the first-person to the medieval world of mustachioed men in leather armour.

Game is free.
Game includes 30+ weapons and more than 30 characters.
Character classes include Barbarian, Amazon, Knight, Ranger, Cleric, Mage and Elf.
There are more than 30 skills/talents/passives for each character.
All weapons, armor, skills and talents can be learned with or without Talents.
Each character can choose Talents that are unavailable in the game and can start with 200 level 1 Talent points.

If you experience performance issues during any mode(s), please take a break from your game and close any running apps before starting Secret Ponchos again. Press ESC to continue.Q:

Javascript: Expose a private function from an object?

In Javascript, given an object and a function, is there a way to access the private function within the object?
/* Assume this is a constructor function */
function foo() { = function() { return “bar!” }

/* Though I don’t want access to the private function ‘bar’, I want to expose it */
var bar = foo();

// Note this works. It exposes ‘bar’ as a public function.

// But this doesn’t work. It breaks the ‘bar’ variable.;

Is there a way to extend the foo function so that exposing ‘bar’ is not restricted to the foo object? In other words, is there a way to make equivalent to


This is for memory conservation. If your code runs in a web browser, you don’t need to worry about memory, because the garbage collector will take care of garbage collection (GC).
If your code runs in some other environment with less rigor, where the GC can’t take care of it, then it’s a good


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    System Requirements For Mech Troid:

    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600
    Hard Drive: 5 GB free space
    Additional Notes: Certain games may run better in Windows 7. The integrated graphics are not recommended.
    The Nvidia and ATI graphics cards are supported.
    Minimum Resolution: 1280×1024
    Recommended Resolution: 1024×768
    We are going to use the official game installer for the game.

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