Matter. How SEOs Can Help... Now - Whiteboard Friday

As SEOs, we hold a surprising amount of influence over how the world gets its information. In times like these, when businesses of all stripes are facing uncertainty and we may be looking for ways to help, the skills you use in your day job can be your superpower. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Russ Jones outlines five ways SEOs can make a difference amid the chaos of COVID-19 — just by doing your job and doing it well.

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Video Transcription

Hey, folks. This is Russ Jones here, Adjunct Search Scientist at Moz and Principal Search Scientist at System1. Today is my first day giving a Whiteboard Friday from my home here in Cary, North Carolina.

Unfortunately, it’s with a somber attitude as many of you are at home right now realizing what’s going on in the world. Normally, at this time of night, I figured I’d be having a scotch, so maybe I’ll start with that. You see, we all need to relax a bit because things are tough and difficult.

But at the same time one of the things that’s been troubling me a lot lately through this whole crisis has been how much do I matter? How do I make myself matter? Now, sure, I’ve got kids and a wife, so I work and I do things that help them to thrive.

But in my day-to-day job, most of what I do is work on search engine optimization and trying to get sites to rank, which can sometimes be really good and sometimes be really bad, and most of the…

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