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Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter.rar

the final mastering of the tapes was made by magee, who restored all of the original analogue sound and detail. the final product was then compared to the original master tapes, which were then placed on a music stand in the control room. the album was then pressed and put into a lacquer sleeve that can be autographed.

the mono albums are mixed at a very high level and contain only the vocals. the stereo remixes are mixed at a less strenuous level, allowing all of the instruments to be heard. the remastering of the albums was completed at abbey road studios. the remastering of the remixes was completed at sarm studios in london.

the beatles anthology – the final sessions contains more than four hours of music, as the beatles re-recorded the entire album, including adding a number of songs that weren’t originally part of the sessions for this album. the album is presented in its original glory, both sonically and in its packaging. the boxed collection includes new essays and a detailed history of the mastering process by award-winning radio producer and author kevin howlett. the book is illustrated with many rare studio photos of the beatles, fascinating archive documents, and articles and advertisements sourced from 1960s publications.

all the songs from the remastered anthology are in their original mono form. there are still a lot of problems with this album, though. first off, the album doesn’t have the same highs that it had before, which is due to the fact that the mastering was done on vinyl. but also, there’s an odd frequency whine that gets in the way of the music. if you crank it up, it sounds fine, but if you turn it down, you get that awful noise.


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