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Marine Aquarium 3.5.9 Rus

the second largest family of marine fishes, the group that includes the tuna, are the anglerfish. while this name is somewhat misleading, these fishes are actually more like anglers than trout, as they have barbels at the end of their snout that they use to navigate in the water. the anglerfish are perhaps best known for their use as curiosities by fish taxonomists, as they grow very large, often reaching over a meter in length. while this is a very nice collection of fish to have in an aquarium, in fact, anglerfish are usually kept in special big aquariums designed specifically for their needs. the fish usually live in a very well filtered, rather fresh, saltwater aquarium and are fed a diet of fish flakes or bloodworm. marthalessus, also known as ballerice or himantura leopardus, is a common, inexpensive, anglerfish that is easy to find in pet stores. although they are not true anglers, he does use his snout to detect the position of the prey against the bottom of the aquarium or in the water column, and he will have a particular affinity for a certain species. himantura leopardus has a very large mouth and a deep body coloration, with black, gray and white stripes. they also usually have a dusky edge to their fins that make them look like they have a leopard print on them. marthalessus is usually seen in groups of 2 to 3, but he will also be seen alone if he feels that he needs to be alone.

the two groups of fishes most associated with reef aquariums are the angelfish and the butterflyfish, and the corydoras is the third most popular of the species. the angelfish are best known for their use as tropical fish curiosities. in fact, the angelfish can be considered the most well-known of all tropical fish aquarium inhabitants. they are not particularly fast or aggressive, and they are fairly easy to keep in small, cheap aquariums as long as theyre fed a diet of fish flakes. the only place that i have ever seen an angelfish live in a reef aquarium was in a smallish community aquarium, where they were the sole occupants of the reef aquarium and lived happily there. i have never even seen one in an open marine aquarium. corydoras are related to the snails, and they live in very clean, fresh water, so theyre not a good fish to add to a marine aquarium. however, they are very easy to keep and are excellent community aquarium residents.[winmac-updated-2022[latest2022


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