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3. Update drivers
To avoid problems and conflicts with program, it is very important to properly update your drivers, especially graphic card drivers.
Select “Downloads” and start the “Additional Drivers” from the “Software” menu.
Just press “Install” to download and install updated drivers.

After installing drivers, restart the computer.

4. Clean registry and tune-up
We recommend doing an occasional cleaning of your computer’s registry.
Start the registry cleaner and press “Scan for problems”. After it finishes scan you can use “Performance optimize”, “Tweak the system” and “Clean”.

5. Perform a system scan
This step is a must, as it can help check whether there are any problems with your system.
Start the “System Scan”, after it finishes scan press “Reboot” to reboot your system.

6. Update apps
Apps need to be up-to-date to work properly. To do this, you must open your App Center, go to “updates” tab and click “Check for updates”.
We recommend closing your apps first before checking for updates.

7. Reboot
After checking and installing programs, it is recommended to restart the computer.JOHANNESBURG – A recent African Development Bank study shows that blockchain technology is transforming the financial services industry and creating efficiencies for clients while slashing costs for service providers.

The report, ‘Blockchain: A New Paradigm Shift for the Future of the Financial Services Industry: Opportunities for Africa,’ was launched at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Africa Bourse on Friday.

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