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In most organizations, especially large enterprise organizations, there tends to be a disconnect between marketing and sales. Some common pain points are that marketing teams feel like they can’t get sales to align with their process and initiatives and sales teams often get frustrated and don’t feel like marketing actually helps their efforts.

An important and easy solution to these various types of pain points is to open up a communication and feedback loop between the two organizations. We tend to see extremely valuable insights come from a simple working session between the two and will highlight some common themes, initiatives, and lessons in this post.

Identify broken processes that can lead to strategic organizational optimizations

Whether it’s a new hire, an organizational change, or the onboarding of larger marketing technology solutions, major company investments often reveal the need for greater communication across sales and marketing teams. One exercise that has proven to be very valuable to companies of every size is to simply conduct a whiteboard session, mapping out the interaction and handoff of information between marketing and sales.

Lightbulb with strategic words and symbols surrounding it

A simple visualization exercise like this, with key stakeholders involved from both the marketing and sales teams, can quickly lead to insights and a-ha moments. These often include: identifying a gap in tracking; understanding where…

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