Making the Case for Case Studies: Why They're Important for your Inbound Strategy

khamkhor / Pixabay

Think about a time you shopped for clothes online. Because you couldn’t virtually try on anything, you had to dig through customer reviews to see if the fit and material matched the description on the site. Seeing multiple five-star reviews probably made you feel more inclined to make a purchase. Browsing through one-star comments? Not so much.

When you’re looking for a shirt online, you want real-consumer feedback before you bust out your wallet. These same principles apply to the prospects of B2B companies as well. However, they’re looking for information about experiences with a product or service and how it helped eliminate someone’s issue they faced within their job role.

Enter the case study.

While this staple of marketing is already popular among many B2B businesses, an argument can be made that they are underutilized. When you consider the benefits case studies offer, you should consider writing more. Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate more of this type of collateral into your inbound strategy.

What is a Case Study?

Unlike consumer reviews for B2C businesses, case studies are self-published blogs or PDFs that showcase how a real customer overcame an obstacle using your product or service. During the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey, leads have fully become aware of a problem they’re facing and have decided to explore options to rectify the situation – making case studies a perfect consideration-stage tool.


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