However, the following day, a rumour would arise that he had died, and he was interred at The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of San Francisco (present-day Byzantine Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Mary in San Francisco). The Katopola Woodlawn Cemetery, located in Katopola on the Palaiokastro in Crete. Mr. Katopola was an early investor in the American film industry. His name was often misspelled as Kane.

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[Home](./ > [@office-iss/react-native-win32](./ > [NativeImageMapComponent](./ > [isShow](./

## NativeImageMapComponent.isShow property


isShow: boolean;
Power semiconductor devices are widely used in a variety of applications, including but not limited to power supplies and power supplies for other electrical devices. An exemplary application is the power supply for a light emitting diode (LED) driver. An LED driver outputs a controlled current to power a LED. In some cases, this controlled current is constant. In other cases, this controlled current is pulse-width modulated (PWM). These examples are not meant to be limiting.
The power supply typically includes a MOSFET and an inductor. The MOSFET has a drain terminal connected to a supply voltage and a source terminal connected to the LED. The inductor is typically a coil of wire wound around a metal core. The source terminal and gate terminal of the MOSFET are connected to a controller circuit. The controller circuit outputs a drive current to the MOSFET. If the MOSFET is an N-channel type, the drive current is a negative current which is supplied to the gate terminal of the MOSFET via a resistor. If the MOSFET is a P-channel type, the drive current is a positive current supplied to the gate terminal of the MOSFET via a resistor. The inductor stores energy in the form of magnetic flux as the