Lyric Video Creator Professional 4.0



Lyric Video Creator Professional 4.0

do you want your favorite musical, video or image-based results to be able to be used and imitated by others? do you enjoy creating your own works but worry about how to get the copyright removed and how to keep the benefits of their use? do you want your work to be freely distributed and accessible for use or remix by others? do you want others to build upon your work and create their own free works as well? if you are a creator who wants to make your work freely available, you need to consider your copyright situation. creative commons licenses and public fora, such as wikipedia, are two ways you can make your work public and ensure that it will be protected.

creative commons licenses are not for everyone. the four freedoms they provide are here to maximize creators’ freedoms while helping the public’s access to works. the creative commons licenses are designed to interoperate with cultural institutions, the prevalent business models of open access providers and the dominant business models of proprietary content services. they create a minimum level of freedom that allows content to be licensed and reused in a way that preserves the author’s moral rights. if a creator was not concerned about preserving the author’s moral rights, the creator could license their work under any license compatible with the exclusive rights they wish to relinquish, and this license would not be restricted by creative commons.

as a windows software, lyric video creator will come preinstalled on your computer, but you also need to install a graphics card (such as, nvidia, ati) and your display and sound card (such as, intel hd graphics, creative x-fi etc).

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