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KL Sattanawan, MUI SKAPIRI, JUZYINDO, CALAM PAHAT, CITAPAN PATI, BATIMU DTAMBUH.. Mahasarakham University Bangkok, Thailand.
Photo Tour of Small Island. I have met the people here and they are very nice and friendly (also my favorite people in Thailand)… : PC

Football Manager 2009
FC Barcelona – Guardiolaùs New Barcelona FC Team – Presenting this squad has to be one of the most interesting new teams to be unveiled for 2009. One of the most talked about transfer windows was the one that Barca itself had and of course it was FC Bayern Munich who stole the show in the transfer market. The question that has to be answered is whether it is enough and whether there will be a return to the clubùs previous ways of..
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Unrestrained : The saga of Ambrogio Cartesian Football.
. United FC 156901. 156901-161009.. in praise of .

Ask HN: Where to find a paid iPhone developer? – enroute

My cofounder is the primary programmer of our web application for the iPhone. He has a business degree from college, so programming is his profession. We just now launched the application and its been going through 4 rounds of testers. He's done all the coding in the project, including all the GUI coding.The developers on are