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One of the toughest aspects of working in SEO is convincing clients that what you’re doing will pay off. Choosing to optimize for long-tail keywords can be a tough fight to win, with some clients not immediately understanding why we’d opt to target lower volume keywords.

While it might seem totally counterproductive to optimize for less popular search terms, the truth is, targeting long-tail keywords results in increased traffic and conversions.

Pages optimized for long-tail keywords have a click-through rate up to 19% higher than those optimized for short-tail keywords. More clicks mean more traffic and more chances to turn visitors into customers. 

The statistics are tremendous, obviously. But this article will really prove to you the benefits of optimizing for long-tail keywords, along with the most effective ways to find them.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are low volume, less competitive search terms. As they are super-focused search queries, long-tail keywords generally convert better.

It’s important to note that the length of the search query doesn’t determine whether or not it’s considered long-tail. An Ahrefs study showed that 29.13% of keywords with a search volume of 10,001+ contain three or more words.

Ahrefs keywords

Source: Ahrefs

Hence, around a third of high volume search queries are actually longer phrases, rather than just one or two words.

Remember that longer keywords might not necessarily be less popular keywords. Do your research to…

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