Local SEO billing clients

Local SEO pricing

One of the questions our wonderful Customer Success team receives most frequently is, “How much should we charge for local marketing?” Of course, as always, the answer is, “It depends”, but we hope the below information helps you benchmark your pricing against others. To note, for all of the financial-related questions, respondents were not required to answer.

Local marketers are most likely to charge clients through a monthly retainer, with 43% basing this on deliverables, and a further 22% setting the number of hours. Hourly rates and day rates are less common in the local SEO world, though may be a good marker for pricing retainers.

Retainer pricing by business size

Average cost per month for local marketing by business size

It’s important to consider how much pricing varies for different business sizes.

Consultants working alone charge clients an average of $766 per month, while larger agencies with more than 20 employees charging more than five times this.

If you work in a business and want to understand what local marketing assistance costs, it’s important to first consider what you want to achieve. If you require a close relationship with a small team, a smaller agency or freelancer may suit your needs. If, however, your business requires a higher time investment, a larger agency may mean more hours are up for grabs. For more, read our guide, ‘How to Choose a Local SEO Agency or Consultant‘.

Monthly minimum retainers

Local marketing minimum retainer cost


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