Local Search Rank Checker: 8 Ways It Can Hone Your Local SEO Strategy

Ranking for local searches requires focus on a combination of different local SEO factors. But with Google’s local algorithm relying on so many different signals, it can be hard to know where to spend your time to maximize your chances of ranking highly. 

This is where our Local Search Rank Checker tool (or just ‘Rank Checker’ for short) comes in. Not only does it make it easy to know where your business is ranking online, but dig a little deeper and you can uncover a world of useful information that can help you to make faster and smarter decisions.

In this post, I’ll be revealing how you can use Rank Checker to spot and seize opportunities to claim more local search traffic, as well as to get the data you need to prioritize the keywords that matter and fuel the right optimizations.

Let’s jump in!

1. Compare local keyword search volume

Keyword research is an essential part of local SEO. It allows you to make sure that you’re focusing your time and energy on the search terms that potential customers are actually using.

Our keyword rank checker is a great place to sort keywords by search volume, so you can see exactly where the biggest opportunities lie for your or your client’s business.

When setting up a report, you’ll have the opportunity to add a list of validated keywords or search terms that you want to rank for.

Once your report has run, you can reference the ‘Count’ column (see below) to see which keywords have the highest search volume, and…

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