As a local business, you know that you need to invest in digital marketing to reach potential new customers.

So what is ‘local search marketing’, and how should it fit into these plans?

  • Digital marketing aims to increase visibility on the web as a whole, so could have a national or even international focus. 
  • Local search marketing (or local SEO marketing as it’s sometimes called) aims to increase your online visibility in a very specific location, such as your town. 

Why should you care?

Local businesses come in all sizes and areas of expertise. 

Whether you’re a dog groomer in Portland, a pizza franchise in Chicago, or a plumber in Queens – if your customers will put the name of your town or city into Google, or add “near me” to their search, you’re a local business to them.

This means that local search marketing can directly benefit your business.

In fact, Google research confirms that four in five consumers use search engines to find local information, and half of consumers then go on to visit a local store within a day!

BrightLocal’s Stephanie Newton: “For many brick-and-mortar and service-area businesses, local customers are the best customers…they’re easier to reach, and they’re more loyal and will keep coming back if they like what they’re getting.”

If you aren’t doing local SEO marketing, you aren’t visible to potential new local customers and could be missing out on sales to competitors.

The seven steps below will show…

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