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We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Local Search Grid, a brand-new local rankings tool from BrightLocal that allows you to see the bigger picture of search.

Without further ado, here’s how awesome it looks.

Snazzy, right?

There’s a lot I could say about Local Search Grid and what this new tool means for your search strategy (and I will!) but for now I’ll let our launch video do the talking:

If that’s piqued your interest and you want to start using Local Search Grid right away, simply:

  1. Log in to your BrightLocal account
  2. Select a Location from your Clients & Locations dashboard
  3. Click ‘Rankings’ in the Location Sidebar menu
  4. Click ‘Local Search Grid’ in the dropdown that appears

Log in now to get started

Want to know more before you dive in? Read on to find out just how Local Search Grid gives you better insights, for better decisions than ever before.

Local Search has evolved

If you’re using a rank tracker like our own Local Search Rank Checker, you’ll know how it works:

Plug in some keywords and a search location and, boom, that’s where your business is ranking for those keywords in that location.

Tracking rankings for a single location is useful for measuring the direction of travel, but it doesn’t always show you the full picture of what’s going on down on the ground.

That’s because local search has evolved.

The modern Google local algorithm factors search location and proximity into results in a big way. For example, you can search…

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