Local Rank Tracker 2.0 is here!

We’ve given Local Rank Tracker a major upgrade, and when we say major, boy do we mean it.

Say hello to Local Rank Tracker 2.0.

That’s right, it’s so major we’ve cracked out the two-point-oh, something we don’t do lightly at BrightLocal.

Now you’ve got the same unbeatable accuracy of Local Rank Tracker with even more insights and a whole new look.

What’s new, at a glance:

  • All-in-one dashboard: Easily view all your local ranking insights in one place.
  • Ranking comparisons: Effortlessly compare your website and Google Business Profile rankings side-by-side.
  • Local Pack insights: Track Local Pack performance with greater clarity.
  • SERP Features: Identify which SERP Features you need to target to claim more visibility.
  • Landing page visibility: Quickly view which landing pages are ranking for each keyword.

Game-changing insights

Discover 6 ways Local Rank Tracker will make tracking and understanding rankings easier than ever.


This is the biggest single update to Local Rank Tracker since its launch over a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s been gathering dust on a shelf.

A lot of the recent updates have been under the hood, with performance in mind. We cut average report run times from 14 minutes to a speedy 4 minutes, for starters. Then in recent months, we added brand new metrics like Average Google Position, Keyword and Positional Movement, and Local Pack Coverage to offer even more insights.

These changes helped improve the foundations of an…

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