Local Legends: Martha van Berkel on the Power of Schema for Local Businesses

When BrightLocal CEO Myles Anderson talked to Schema App‘s Martha van Berkel at BrightLocal HQ, they opened up a treasure trove of impactful information on the often mysterious schema markup (also known as structured data).

In this interview, Martha demystifies this important part of on-site optimization and clearly explains how local businesses should be using it to improve visibility, click-throughs and even conversions!

N.b. When this conversation was recorded in late 2019, Martha was about to speak at the Brighton SEO conference, so the talk discussed in this video is this one (rather than a talk at the next Brighton SEO in April 2020).

Myles Anderson, BrightLocal: Hello everyone, and welcome to this little video. I’m very lucky to be joined by Martha van Berkel from Schema App today. She happens to be in Brighton where she is talking at Brighton SEO, so, Martha, have you been to Brighton before?

Martha van Berkel, Schema App: I have not.

MA: This is your first time, but you did study in the UK? Is that right?

MvB: I did I spent a year at Strathclyde in Glasgow and I have done, like, a true Canadian tour with, like, my backpack with the flag and I did stop in Lyme Regis which isn’t too far away, so I’ve done lots of lots of train tours around the UK.

MA: Okay, so you’re not feeling completely at sea, then?

MvB: Absolutely not, no.

MA: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Schema App?

MvB: Sure, so Schema App’s really to help digital…

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