Local Consumer Review Survey | Online Reviews Statistics & Trends

Over the last decade, online reviews have been becoming an ever-more-common part of consumers’ purchasing decisions. But, with reviews now being a huge part of online search results, a poor star rating or the feedback of unhappy customers can be hard to miss.

The Local Consumer Review Survey provides an annual look into how consumers are using local business reviews – from the necessary star ratings, to how many reviews are needed, and how these impact the decisions of potential customers. The report highlights how 3 key age groups use and write online reviews – and how this has changed year-on-year.

2019: A Year in Review(s)

Online reviews for local businesses are rapidly becoming the norm for many consumers, but in 2019 we identified some very interesting trends.

In 2018, consumers aged 18-34 were leading the charge for reviews and consistently coming out on top in terms of their review-reading and activity. This year, this gap has narrowed, with this younger age group becoming less likely to search for local businesses online, and go on to read their reviews. But, all is not as it seems.

Across every age group, those that do read reviews are doing so far more regularly – with one-third of consumers searching for local businesses every single day. And, even more consumers told us they ‘always’ read online reviews – including a huge 93% of consumers aged 35-54. For the first time, we delved into how long consumers spend reading reviews

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