Local Citation Services Compared | Moz Local vs BrightLocal vs Yext

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Post last updated: May 2020

We see a lot of questions in forums and blog comments asking ‘which citation service is best?’ so we thought we’d provide a useful resource that compares six popular citation services and list the pros and cons of each. Those looking to compare, for example, Moz Local pricing and Yext pricing, have come to the right place.

Yes, there are many other citation listing services out there, and, yes, if we had more time we’d like to cover them all! But for the sake of efficiency and time, I have opted to cover what I see as the most prominent services in the market (apologies to other providers that I have overlooked).

It goes without saying that I have included our own Citation Building Service ‘Citation Builder’ in this list. I have tried to remain impartial and give a genuine, unbiased view of each service using the information I have available to me through our own trials (where available), from platform websites, and from feedback from others who have reported back to me after using these services.

We will publish all* comments made on this post so that service providers, customers, and readers can share their comments and advice as well. This way our readers will get maximum value from this resource.

*Caveat: Any comments which are purely self-promotional or…

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