LinkedIn Launches A New Tool For Job Seekers

LinkedIn’s ‘Career Explorer’ is a new tool designed to help job seekers transition into a different field.

The tool identifies which careers an individual may be qualified for based on skills associated with their previous job.

Career Explorer provides job seekers with:

  • Insights to identify the right career path.
  • Learning opportunities to get any additional skills they need.
  • A community to connect professionals to new opportunities.

The launch of this tool comes at a time when 140 million people are expected to be out of work due to the pandemic.

People are searching for jobs on LinkedIn in record numbers. Nearly 40 million each week, the company says.


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But here are some more encouraging statistics:

  • 96% of hiring managers say they would hire someone who had been laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 3 people are getting hired on LinkedIn every minute.
  • There are currently over 14 million available job postings.

Learn how Career Explorer can be used to find new opportunities.

LinkedIn Career Explorer

LinkedIn’s Career Explorer tool helps people find career paths they may be well-suited for.

The tool matches people up with new opportunities by mapping existing skills to thousands of available job titles.

“For example, a food server in the U.S. has a 71% skills similarity to a customer service specialist, one of the in-demand jobs we identified with Microsoft as part of our broader reskilling commitment, making it a possible career transition…

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