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Many others saw Microsoft patched the GL issues in a recent update for SketchUp Pro . For details see: https://www.itnews.com.au/news/study-finds-the-gl-bugs-in-sketchup-pro-have-been-fixed-558138

With so many people talking about 3d modeling these days, its natural that to learn a little about it would be a great idea. You can find many internet resources detailing the various applications of 3d modeling. Although SketchUp is very easy to learn and use, it is also useful to learn how it works. With the tutorial above, you can learn the principles behind and mechanics of 3d modeling. You will be able to see how 3d models work before jumping in and creating your own.

These are the faces that are cracked. It seems that the problem is internal to the way SU works. It can be force by having a move a corner to 90 degrees to the originally defined edge, but the face will crack in the first place. This is why it is important to create the faces and edges perpendicular. There are basically 24 edges created when the face is aligned perpendicularly to the floor. If only one is vertical, its fine, but if two are perpendicular then the crack will form.
I rarely need SU. I need something Autocad plankote drawing to 2 dimensions. I know that most CAD programs can handle graphite but I have not found an ACD file extension for this purpose.
I hope this helps solve the problem.

No need to convert the STIACAD file. I sent you the STIACAD file to avoid it being corrupted when sent. Its working fine. The cracks you see are caused by the cuts in the top left and bottom right corners. These cuts split the concrete slab into 3 layers. The layers of each face, bottom edge, and top edge are not coplanar. So you can also see that the edges are not coplanar.

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