How to get backlinks | If you want a link building strategy, here are 6 Ways to Build POWERFUL Backlinks for FREE in 2021.
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Here are the 6 Methods to get powerful backlinks in 2020:

▶ Link Building #1: Broken Link. You basically use the plugin “Check My Links” free chrome extension to check broken links on websites and then use the email templates I show to add your links on other sites.

▶ Link building #2: Link Round-Up. this is another easy way to get links for free under the condition that you provide quality content in a niche and reach out to the blog owner to ask to include your post in the roundup list.

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▶ Link Building #3: Emperor Link. A platform that automates all your backlinks for your website. You provide the keywords, and it boosts the authority of your site by automatically and smartly embedding your blog posts in a non-spammy way across the web.

The disadvantage of this is that once Google updates its algorithm and catches the fact that you automated your backlinks, they will PUNISH your website!

So beware!

▶ Link building #4: Commenting under other Blog Posts. This is an old strategy, which I would not recommend

▶ Link building #5: Install Free tools & Calculators on Your Site. Free tools like a horoscope teller or a mortgage calculator easily make people share your page or post and want to come back to use the free tool.

Just add new plugins related or google “Free xxx with scripts for websites”.

✅ Recommended hosting:

▶ Link building #6: Write Amazing, informative Long-form content and Google will reward you. This is honestly MY MOST RECOMMENDED Method, as it aims for the long-term.

This will for sure get you mentions (and links) from news sites and blogs. if you Become a source for their stories and articles.

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