Level Up Your Social Media Lead Generation Game with These 35 Tools and Stats

Gorgeous, on-brand images and lively language? Check. A substantial social following in the channels that matter most for your industry? Check. Leads coming through? Check — and fist bump.

What comes next? Optimizing your social media lead generation so that it converts even more of your engaged audience into clients and customers.

Social media lead generation is the process of turning brand awareness and interest into visitor actions, such as:

  • Signing up for your weekly newsletter
  • Accessing an ebook or white paper
  • Signing up for a free trial of your service
  • Attending a virtual event
  • Engaging with a chatbot

People who take any of these first steps are more likely to take the next and the next. They’ve demonstrated more-than-passing interest in your products or services, and can evolve into high-value, qualified leads — provided you build trust and offer genuinely helpful content along the way.

Social Media Ad Retargeting Tools

Ads on social media are a must for any enterprise business. You already use them to raise brand awareness across platforms and then retarget ads to people who visit your website. But generating more warm leads takes retargeted social media ads segmented to address particular interests or pain points.

IBM Cloud LinkedIn example

Image source: IBM Cloud

For example, retargeted ads for B2B website visitors who explored introductory guides should be different than ads for visitors who explored more complex topics. Tools to help you dive deeper and segment site visitors…

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