The Whiteboard Friday series from Moz is a digital marketing powerhouse. Over more than a decade, they’ve pumped out weekly videos (give or take) that drill into almost every aspect of marketing online.

Initially famed for their SEO prowess (Moz used to be SEOMoz, after all), the series reflects the evolution of the industry. You’ll still find tons of videos about SEO – from basic through to advanced – but you’ll also find posts about PR, UX, CRO, and various other types of marketing peppered throughout.

Here’s what they covered in 2018, for example:

We created an interactive infographic about the history of WBF, and it has a lot to teach.

Not only is the WBF series a source of almost-unlimited digital marketing wisdom, but it’s also a fantastic case study in how to effectively create content for SEO purposes.

In today’s world, pretty much every company creates content. Whether on their blog, their Youtube channel, one or more social media channels, or some combination of the above.

But how many of them create effective content?

This post contains five tips for creating effective, high-quality content that will improve your site’s SEO. All five are taken straight from the Moz WBF playbook.

#1 Give people a way to engage

Discussion strengthens content. If you have a blog or a Youtube channel, turn comments on. Invite people to join the conversation, and make sure you join in too! Reply to people’s contributions, and they’ll feel compelled to…

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