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To download le bot 9.9 Aqw.rar use the download button on the website and wait a few minutes. When this le bot 9.9 Aqw.rar is completed a new window with the link will open up. A le bot 9.9 Aqw.rar download manager will open up automatically.Traveling — for Work, Pleasure, and for Life

Friday, August 30, 2011

At 42, I feel like I’ve seen it all. It is interesting and encouraging to hear so many young people express some of the same sentiments I had as a young adult. “Travel was the best part of my college years,” goes the chorus. “What else could possibly fill my days and my life with more wonder?”

Several folks I know at age 30 have children, and it makes me happy for them. It also makes me happy to think about what a traveling-together career might be like. The days don’t feel so bad when they are with friends or fun family. They are spent with interesting people, sharing laughs and conversation, as well as meeting interesting people.

At 41 I realized that I wanted more time with my family, and more money to make it possible. Every day that I work harder, I feel more prepared for whatever comes.

At 42 I am working toward what would at first be called an impossible goal. I want to make it as financially possible as I can. With $10,000 to travel, this is an amazing goal. I am hoping that I can achieve it before I turn 53, but if it is achieved after that, it will be a great accomplishment to have achieved it.

Since I can’t travel by myself, what does my itinerary look like? I will be joining a 2.5 week tour in Iceland, and going to London, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and France. Each week, my travel will be as interesting as the week before.

Taking a road trip with an unfamiliar friend to see my in-laws in California is also a part of my traveling plan. Maybe I’ll stop at Paris and see my sister in law there.

These are the big things


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