2021 June 4 MediaPostANA Chart

Ad Exec Vaccinations Reach 87%, Plans For Business Travel Improve Dramatically
In May 77 percent of U.S. advertising industry executives said they were willing to travel domestically for business, a sharp increase from the 23 percent figure in February, while 87 percent said that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to newly-released survey data of interest to digital marketers. MediaPost

Key Takeways From the Google Marketing Livestream
Google’s Marketing Livestream event saw the search giant reveal an array of new features and product upgrades, including wider availability of its Google Ads custom audience functionality, new conversion tracking for Google Tag Manager, and updated Google Analytics insights, along with other changes, Google recently announced. Search Engine Journal

Twitter: Social media giant lists new ‘Blue’ subscription service
Twitter has make moves to begin its Twitter Blue subscription offering, which has been viewed by some Twitter observers as likely to contain an array of potentially enticing new features including the ability to undo a tweet for a period of time after it’s been posted, an improved TweetDeck interface for power users seeking to keep tabs on multiple brands or topics in real-time, and custom subscriber-only color theme options. BBC

More People Report Leaving Reviews Online for Positive than Negative Experiences
56 percent of U.S. consumers say they leave online reviews because of product excellence,…

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