Kalmuri 1961 [Mac/Win] [Updated-2022]

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Kalmuri 1961

Kalmuri is a small, simple, easy to use utility that enables you to take screen captures with a customizable hotkey and save them in various formats. The tool is quite stable and can be used for copying screen elements to the clipboard or for writing articles. Thus, it allows you to capture any action occurring on your system and save it to any of the following: 1) local files, 2) clipboard, 3) FTP server, 4) PHP script 5) online. The application is available for various platforms and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux.
Key Features:
– Simple interface, easy to learn;
– Hotkeys, easy to use;
– Customizable output formats;
– Various output options;
– Watermarks, clip art;
– Built-in web browser;
– Saves to clipboard;
– FTP download;
– Image writer;
– Easy to use, for beginners as well as experienced users.
Kalmuri has a very minimal set of requirements. Therefore, the utility can be used on any Windows OS and browsers. As for the format of the capture file, the utility requires a JPEG or PNG format. It is recommended to test it in your system environment before attempting to use it. Last but not least, as mentioned above, Kalmuri is available for various platforms and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux.
What’s New in 3.0.0:
– Updates’ message, available for all platforms;
– added setting for saving to clipboard;
– added setting for saving to FTP;
– added settings for image writer;
– added clipart;
– added support for secure FTP servers;
– added support for image format GIF;
– added support for kitty_paint;
– many other small bugs and minor improvements.
What’s New in 2.0.0:
– Initial release.
How to Install:
Kalmuri is distributed as a single executable file. Therefore, you only need to extract the contents of the distribution archive to any location where you want to install it, including your desktop. As for the.zip file, it contains a single setup program, which you can run directly to begin the installation process.
Alternatively, you can also download Kalmuri installer and extract its files to any location of your choice.
Once the installation is

Kalmuri 1961 Crack+ License Key Download For Windows (April-2022)

Kalmuri is a free screen capture utility that lets you capture screenshots on Microsoft Windows or Linux. This free screen capture software is easy to use, and only requires the hotkey combination Ctrl+Shift+3. When capturing, Kalmuri will either capture the whole desktop, capture the active window, or capture the selected area on the screen. Kalmuri can be used to capture screenshots on Linux, all three of Microsoft Windows and other operating systems. You can also take snap shots from any application that has a method to have a snapshot taken.
Allows snapshots to be taken of any application
Filters the images
Custom screen capture hotkey
Easy-to-use interface
3 options to capture images
One of the best free screen capturing tools on the market

Serial Monitor

Serial Monitor is a terminal application for the computer, with uses ranging from log files and text files to transmissions over a serial port. An example of this would be to send data from one computer to another via serial port.
Serial Monitor includes multiple utilities like: Serial, TCP/IP, Fax, Modem and Remote Debugger, either locally or over a network.


SwipeIt is a PC screen locker utility for a locking the Windows 7 and Windows 8. SwipeIt is easy to use, safe and secure:

It allows you to create a series of hotkey shortcuts to lock or unlock the computer, in safe way.
It doesn’t require any user intervention to unlock the system, just pressing one of the hotkey combination
It is completely based on a set of time intervals, which allows you to be sure that your system is safe and protected from the next unauthorized persons using your system
SwipeIt has a built-in security system, which monitors the use of the screen locker. If someone is using the screen locker and doesn’t have hotkey combination, SwipeIt will automatically lock the PC (or all the other devices connected to the same PC), or notification that the hotkey combination has been used.
If you have used the hotkey combination SwipeIt will unlock the device.


Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is an application that allows you to display your computer desktop on another computer or local area network (LAN) to give remote users access. This works by directing network traffic from your computer through the VNC server on the remote machine, so that you can control the remote machine as if you were sitting in front of

What’s New In?

Use Kalmuri to capture screenshots of your desktop, only region, window or control. You can save the whole screen or only part of it as a jpg, png, gif or bmp file. Activate webcam recording and take your webcam screenshots, then share them to imgbox.org.
kalmuri Features:

Manages multiple windows. You can capture the active window or capture multiple windows on the same window manager.
Records the cursor. You can capture the cursor of all your windows as a png or a gif file.
Free download.

Kalmuri Website:

* By default kalmuri runs in “notify mode”, which means it launches and runs in the tray while you run other applications. If you want to start Kalmuri without running in the tray, click Options –> View –> Start in Window.

System Requirements For Kalmuri:

Windows 7, 8 or 10
Mac OS X 10.7 or later
DirectX 9.0 or later
WiFi/Broadband internet connection
2 GB of RAM
50 GB of free disk space
DVD drive
1024×768 display
Windows 8, 10 or Windows 7 and later
512 MB of RAM
1 GB of free disk space
1080p resolution