For young children, matching games are a fun and educational way to help them develop their auditory skills, which helps them develop their spatial abilities, logical thinking skills, and pattern recognition skills. In this match game, kids from 0-8 years old will be encouraged to play with it. Kids can look for the numbers of the objects on the board. The more numbers you find, the more points you gain. Kids need to match the numbers on the objects to numbers on the board. They need to match them in the same color. There are also numbers, shapes, and pictures on the board for kids to match as well. Kids can match and find the combination of the numbers, shapes, and pictures on the board in any color. Matching the numbers on the board or discovering the pattern of a shape is the winning way to score the points. Two toy cars, one red and one blue, will be guiding your kids. Kids can collect candies and tokens on the board or collecting stars will lead to more bonus points.
*v2.2 update:
1. P.s. Find a dog and buy a dog food, or please spend a dollar on the dog eating mat.
2. lnv.l.d. Happy St. Patrick’s Day
3. r.a.d. Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Download Fant Kids Matching Game today to get the best match game for your kids.
Have Fun!!
Recent changes:
– lnv.l.d. Happy St. Patrick’s Day
– r.a.d. Happy St. Patrick’s Day
– download the dog eating mat, buy some dog food
– You can spend a dollar on the dog eating mat and buy dog food.
– You can get the candy bag in the dog food shop.
– V2.2 update:
– p.s. Find a dog and buy a dog food, or please spend a dollar on the dog eating mat.
– lnv.l.d. Happy St. Patrick’s Day
– r.a.d. Happy St. Patrick’s Day
– download the dog eating mat, buy some dog food
– You can spend a dollar on the dog eating mat and buy dog food.
– You can get the candy bag in the dog food shop.
– V2.1 update:
* Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Fant Kids
* You can


KAIKATANA Features Key:

  • High Quality Cars
  • Multiple Tracks – 19 tracks
  • Rapid AI
  • Workout Program
  • Multiple Cars
  • Fully Moddable Game


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Arcadia Universal is the last place on Earth left unclaimed by the gods.
Diligent defenders of this lost world, a glorious array of warriors clad in indestructible armor clash with bloodthirsty monsters from beyond time and space in the Tower of Babel, no man’s land in-between heaven and Earth.
Superb visuals with fully 3D pre-rendered animations bring the game to life with a lush, detailed world and evocative sound design. Play the way you want, fight alone or with up to three friends in co-op, and unleash your inner warrior.

Arcadia Universal is the first in the series and is 2hrs and 20mins of action filled fun with lots of very pretty locations (including the most detailed town yet).
Gameplay is like a mix of Pokemon and ZBrush.
Items are deployed through a scene editor and can be selected and changed as you see fit.
Equip weapons that compliment your play style and your goals in the scenario you are in.
This is a beginner system, you might need to use it once before getting to know the system but you will then never need to touch the’scene editor’ again.
You can disable all items that aren’t used in the scenario and swap them out as you wish.
You can travel freely between scenarios in the editor and when one is loaded you can switch seamlessly between them.
You can play through the scenarios solo or in 2 or 3 player co-op. You can also switch between scenarios while any of the others are active.
Play through up to 20 scenarios and plenty more await you in the free ‘Arcadia Universal’ expansion content.

Please be sure to check out the website for more information and tips

Version history:

Version 1.1.0:
-Faster startup and load times on PC.
-Added new fully playable objective “A Crowd of Men” which is the hardest one, however, it is also a very unique challenge – the fastest and most efficient way to complete it is to play it solo.
-Fixed water physics so now they are updated whenever you enter the water.
-Added new scenario “Scenario Variety Pack” for all game owners. It contains 4 more scenarios, one of them is a co-op scenario. It can be downloaded in the optional tab of the game launcher. (The scenario is not bundled in the main game


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1. Is it even possible to rape people in movies?
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3. What’s the difference between a dildo and a penis?
4. Why do men and women have sexual desire?
5. Why do women insist on saying no, even though they want to say yes?
6. Why do women wear men’s jeans?
7. Why do people get jealous?
8. What happens if someone lights you on fire?
9. What do you call a horn dog?
10. What would happen if you had sex with your mama?
11. How do you know when a man has “good” taste?
12. What’s the difference between putting a ring on it and putting it on the ring?
13. What’s the difference between a dildo and a sex toy?
14. Why do women have to “raise” their children?
15. Do you go through life missing a thing and then find it?
16. Do you know what a sphincter is?
17. If you put a garden hose down a guy’s pants and he’s dead, why is the sidewalk wet?
18. What’s the difference between a male prostitute and a transsexual prostitute?
19. What happens if you eat your pudding?
20. How do you know your wife has an affair?
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26. What do you say to a cat that looks like a baby?
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28. What’s the difference between a bitch and a cunt?
29. Why do we have dildo nipples?
30. Why do men make jewelry for women?
31. Why do men wear belts?
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33. Why do you talk to the opposite sex while in the bathroom?
34. Why do you call a pair of women, “dykes”?
35. How do you know when a man will not call you back?
36. What


What’s new:

; or the curse upon
this corps?–is there no exorcist to cry up beneath the gallows– _some
meaning in the cant_? There is that damned _Sangra, in the gallows-tree_
in Piedmont; but for all that, I will take shelter under the breast of
my daughter, there see her passing to and fro; she knows what is
happening, she bears the port of a superstitious woman; and if in this
happy hour she be not delivered by a supernatural power from the
possession she has become, I will never believe in women again.–But
she has been so long a dead woman–I am incredulous at the soul of a
devotee! The Neapolitan god lent her, also, to all the royal deities,
that she might grubble the foot of the relics that they had made into
their own.–She lived with them, and she starved with them; she is
tired,–it is time she slept.–Agatha of Cyrene of the sands, my
daughter! my daughter, my child! most precious! I will keep thee till
thou wakest again; and if thou wakest not, then will I let thee remain
until the Queen shall be in Castel Sant’ Angelo, and if not, until the
Queen hath died–which is now the hope of both of us–or till thou
bringest hither the words of some honest woman, who shall tell me that
my child is dead, my child, my daughter, Agatha of Cyrene of the sands!

The Heavens were gray, but not gloomy, as the thundering-clothed
specter moved along the streets. The people, trooping out of their
houses, eyed the gaunt specter that passed, the living and the dead,
with equal incertitude. A sound of prayer was wailing and appealing
within, and the death-stricken wretch, with the two attendants who were
carrying her into death, slowly traversed the streets; and all were
spell-bound to watch her progress, as it changed from one life to
another. The form of the Prioress of St. Clare was carried in; and the
Inquisitor, who carried it, had not yet been seen. I kept with it to
the end; I whispered the last sacraments to


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Based on the 1997 classic game by Williams Electronics:
“Retro Pinball” is a collection of seven pinball tables based on some of the most awesome machines from the very early 90s!
The tables feature the colorful and vibrant artwork of a time gone by, when pinball games were celebrated!
– Classic 3D Pinball!
– Killer Soundtrack
– Dynamic Lighting
– Animations
– Professional animation graphics
– Rich Dynamic Audio
– Unique Themes with Animated Graphics!
– Four different camera angles!
– Local Leaderboard for Endless Fun!
Endless Mode:
– Play for as long as you can!
Please note:
We do not provide support for XboxOne or PS4, as those versions of the game might not be compatible.

published:29 Jul 2017


Step back in time and enjoy these rare vintage pinball machines!
Find the pinball machines you want at the
Thanks toThe for sponsoring this video!
Pinball is the one of the most popular ancient team sports internationally, and is often used as a simple and inexpensive form of entertainment.
Everybody who wants to get into the pinball game should know a little bit about its history.
The machine itself generally contains around eighty percent of the parts and elements that were necessary in order to ensure safety in the rollerball to come.
Find the pinball machines you want to play at the
Enjoy the video that shows the history of pinball.

published:17 Mar 2013


Deep Blue is the signature game of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, and it lives on in today’s high-powered games. We are going to play through the original “Deep Blue” along with 3 other popular games of the era.
Watch us get into, and then get out of, some serious trouble.
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An American and a Russian, the two must find a peaceful solution to a dispute with Japan to defeat the evil Vizier.
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    Note: You need to have internet connection to configure the game and update the game.

    How to configure Primalsky online:

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