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Jotun Paints Catalogue.pdf

jotun paints are manufactured in the usa and are 100% water borne meaning they dont contain solvents or harmful chemicals and are fully compliant with strict environmental standards. jotun paints are also lead free, voc free and fully recyclable.

from the beginning, jotuns paint technology has always had one thing in mind: to be the best. ever since its inception, jotun has spent years tirelessly pursuing performance and perfection in its paint technology. today, that commitment has translated into the best paint technology on the market today. jotun paints are completely water borne, 100% lead free, voc free, and fully recyclable. jotun paints are fully compliant with strict environmental standards, and if the paint is used in a space certified for leed or breeam, jotun is certified for that level.

jotuns paints are manufactured in the usa and are 100% water borne meaning they dont contain solvents or harmful chemicals and are fully compliant with strict environmental standards. jotuns paint are also lead free, voc free and fully recyclable.

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jotuns paint technology is tested and proven to be the most effective and most efficient waterborne paint system available today. the technology has the benefits of affordability, long-lasting durability and eco-friendliness. best of all, jotun paint technology is easy to use and install.

the colour philosophy that we have at jotun is to provide colour that is very natural, and that is how the new palette is developed. our goal is to develop a palette that is timeless and is easily adaptable to any environment. during the spring season, we see colors that are vibrant and strong, especially in the lighter shades. these are the colours that make us feel great, and that are the most prominent colours in the spring. these include the yellows, greens, reds and oranges that are seen in the trees, the blooms and leaves. as the weather turns to the warmer months, we see a palette where the warm tones come into play, and the colors are all around us. the shade of the leaves changes from green to gold, and the blossom turns from red to pink. at the end of the spring, when the weather turns cool, we are reminded that winter will be here soon. in the new palette, we see a palette that has a feeling of warmth and comfort, and that will match the colours that we see in the landscape in the autumn.

jotun paints are water-based, solvent-free and low voc. all colours are high-performance paints, meaning they have a minimum of 2 to 4 times higher performance than traditional paints. they are low volatile organic compounds (voc), non-hazardous and safe to use. jotun paints can be applied by everyone, and can be cleaned up easily. jotun paints are environmental friendly because they are free of mercury and lead. jotuns paints are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and low in voc. they are water based, solvent free and safe to use. jotun paints can be cleaned up easily. they are not hazardous to the environment and can be used by all. visit the nearest jotun store to view the complete range of colours.
jotuns expertise is brought together in a complete solution that fits the needs of all architects, contractors and designers. the range is divided into six product lines. the jotun jotamastic ecocoat provides ecologically friendly solutions for the most demanding surfaces. in addition to the ecological advantages of this product, jotun has developed a series of ecocoatings that offer excellent performance in dry/ wet conditions. jotun jotamastic desiccant is an anticorrosive, long-term protection solution with low voc emissions. the product offers high application flexibility, outstanding performance and easy handling. jotun jotamastic fluidex is a weather-proof and corrosion-resistant, low voc solution for interior floors. based on fluoroacrylate technology, it offers easy application and high resistance to stains and scratches. jotun jotamastic anticor is a superior anticorrosive product for exterior surfaces. the product is biodegradable and uses environmentally friendly materials. the coating offers excellent resistance to water, uv radiation and weathering. jotun jotamastic tuxid is a water-based solution for concrete surfaces. it is based on a water-based epoxy resin and offers excellent performance and good resistance to stains and scratches. the coating is also suitable for internal as well as external concrete surfaces.