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If you want your brand identity to stick in the hearts and minds of customers, consistency is the #1 ingredient. 

Sure, you also need a distinct brand voice, a pleasing color palette, a catchy tagline, and a recognizable logo – but brand consistency lies at the heart of it all. 

If your branding is all over the place (i.e., inconsistent colors, wildly different writing styles, etc.), you won’t stand a chance of cutting through the noise to build a loyal following. 

But how can you ensure your brand elements remain consistent across the board?

After all, you’ll likely have quite a few people creating content for your brand, including writers, graphic designers, editors, web developers, and others – so how do you keep them all on the same page?

Enter the brand style guide, a necessity for any business wanting to maintain a consistent brand personality across multiple channels, such as its social media profiles, marketing content, and videos. 

Your style guide contains all your brand guidelines, including preferences for typography, brand colors, writing style, visual elements, and more. It’s the document that unifies your content creation team and freelancers under the same umbrella to ensure your brand’s tone of voice & visual identity remain consistent. 

Do you have your own style guide for your company?

If not, you’ve come to the right place. Stick around to learn how you can create a detailed brand style guide from…

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