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Users go on Quora to learn more about topics that interest them or to find others’ answers to certain products or services they’re considering. Thus, the platform’s user base is naturally curious and research-minded.

At a high level, Quora advertising is right for brands with a:

  • Target Audience in the US and/or India
    • About half of Quora’s users are based in the US and India. Brands advertising exclusively to other countries might not be able to generate much volume.
  • Mid-to-Bottom-of-Funnel Focus
    • Since Quora’s user base is quite small in comparison to some large social media platforms, it’s likely not the best fit for marketers who would like to reach a broad audience and drive awareness. Quora is a great platform to utilize when attempting to drive more traffic to a website to help users learn more about a product or service. 3Q has also seen direct-response success when using Quora  to retarget previous website visitors.
  • Niche Audience That Values Community
    • One of the bigger differences between Quora and other social platforms is the site’s community aspect.
  • Priority to Boost Brand Credibility
    • Advertising on Quora is a great fit for B2B brands that would like to exhibit their industry knowledge and position themselves as thought leaders. B2C brands whose products or services are often researched thoroughly prior to purchasing should consider testing Quora ads.
    • Brands can…

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