Facebook is the largest and most influential social media platform, boasting more than 2.85 billion users globally.  A whopping 7M+ million active advertisers leverage Facebook ads to drive conversions.

Considering the platform’s massive reach, you can’t miss advertising on Facebook. The average conversion rate of Facebook ads is 9.21%, which makes it one of the sought-after platforms for marketers. If you want to hit the target demographics effectively, start working on your Facebook marketing strategy today. 

Your goal should be to have a strong conversion rate on each campaign, whether it is for video views, email list generation, or selling service/product. In other words, almost 9/100 people will convert into a sale or take the desired action. This is not bad compared to Google Ads, which have a much lower average conversion rate of 3.75%. 

A Higher Conversion Rate Translates To A Successful Campaign 

A higher conversion rate is the key metric for optimizing downloads, sales, or subscriptions. Some of the top companies maintain a conversion rate of 11.45%. Therefore, if your Facebook conversion rate is lower than 10%, it’s time to start focusing on improving it. After all, increased conversions can lead to a high ROI and increased profits. 

A conversion rate tells how relevant, effective and profitable your campaign was. Conversion optimization helps you to find the sweet spot that will entice your target audience to take…

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