Inbound Marketing Best Practices

We help businesses assign priority to qualified leads, acquire and manage their data, and identify the best converting techniques to capture the low-hanging fruits. To do so, you need to first align your campaigns with the sales or marketing funnel stage.
Depending on the status of the buyer’s journey, the funnel can be classified as:

  • ToFu (Top of Funnel): Involves educating a wide audience base on their pain points or specific questions without the sales tie-in.
  • MoFu (Middle of Funnel): Continues educating the prospect while positioning your product/solution as the solution to their challenges.
  • BoFu (Bottom of Funnel): Carrying out one-on-one engagement with a focus on closing the sale.

Depending on the prospect’s position, the kind of content used to engage with them will also change accordingly.

For example, in ToFu, companies make use of blog articles, eBooks, and tip sheets. In MoFu, you can use advanced eBooks, case studies, quizzes, webinars/videos, and white papers. Finally, in BoFu, you can use free trials, assessment/evaluation services to initiate a dialogue. Throw in a discount to seal the deal!

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