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Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Tangle In Hollywood: Hollywood heartthrob Matt Damon tangled with superhero Ben Affleck at a dinner party for Sony Pictures when the “Ocean’s Eleven” actor allegedly hit the “Argo” actor in the face with his drink.

According to the Daily Express, the two actors, who have been dating for four months, were spotted arguing after a “melt-down” dinner party attended by a number of guests.

“It was just an argument about politics, and he pushed him and then he got upset,” a source told the Daily Express. “Everyone at the dinner was kind of uncomfortable, and then there was this huge fight about politics.”

A source said, “It was in between courses, and nobody saw it happening. It was kind of a restrained argument at the dinner. Then there was this big fight.”

A second source said, “He pushed Matt, and then Matt pushed him back. It was the biggest fight. It didn’t last long.”

The source added that everybody in the room was “really uncomfortable” by the time the fight ended.

“The champagne bottle that was used to break the ice was used to hit Ben in the face,” the source told the Daily Express. “It was in between Matt and Ben, everyone was trying to watch, but they had a ring around them at that point.”

“The mood was definitely tense, and Matt was in the middle of it,” a third source said.

The “Argo” star, 43, is best known as the captain of the Harvard football team in the 1994 coming-of-age comedy “Good Will Hunting,” in which he and co-star Matt Damon played roommates who grew up in the Boston area.

Ben, 43, is a film and television actor best known for his lead role in the hit film “Argo.” He also appears in the films “The Town” and “Gone Baby Gone.”

The couple has been dating since July and Affleck recently admitted that the couple’s romantic connection has “mellowed” them out of their former adversarial relationship.



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