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iFind is a local file search engine. With iFind you can easily search for files and folders in any location you like, no matter how deep and wide it may be. iFind is designed to run alongside other Windows Explorer windows while showing the search results in a toolbar at the bottom of the window. The results are shown on new tabs, one for each result.
iFind is also great at being able to quickly search a very deep directory.
iFind Key Features:
Search for files and folders
Search by location or by file extension
Filter results by location or file extension
Automatically open results
Filter results
Support multilingual

Version 2.0 provides:
A search box for even deeper file/folder search
Results can be filtered by any combination of:
Display only Files and Folders of a certain type
Search specific words or even wildcards in file and folder names
Image viewer and photo sorter
And more
Improvements in the filter dialog include the following:
Improved storage design and performance
Option to toggle through filter types by swiping
Quick filter: Just a quick swipe in the filter panel and you’re done!
Customized mouse behavior to suit your needs
Support for more file types
And many more improvements/additions
Enhancements in the toolbar include:
Image viewer and photo sorter
Support for more file types
Image thumbnails
Ability to hide and show toolbar items
And many more enhancements
Support for Filter Language (in tool settings)
Share iFind with other Windows users (in tool settings)
User configurable dialogs (in tool settings)
More configurable fields (in tool settings)
Improved search dialog layout
What’s New in iFind 2.0:
Adds mouse gestures for new filters.
Adds file types to quick filter dropdown list.
Adds mouse gestures for new type.
Adds support for mixed selection filters.
Adds option to toggle panes.
Adds configurable zoom modes.
Adds threshold for large thumbnails (for very deep trees).
Adds mouse gestures for filter type and thumbnail size.
Adds support for fine gestures.
Adds option to add more configurable fields.
Adds option to hide/show toolbar items.
Adds context menu for marker items.
Adds support for multiple images in a single marker item.
Adds option to hide/show toolbar items.
Adds option to hide/show configurable dialogs.
Adds option to show/hide tabs

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File Finder – a.NET solution to find and open files in Windows Explorer. With Cracked iFind With Keygen you can easily find any file on your computer fast and with minimal effort.
Find files and folders with a single click in Windows Explorer. Select folder where you want to search files and iFind Product Key will locate them in the most quick manner.
Drop files into iFind window. Drop any file into iFind window and it will be indexed as a result – before you even start typing.
Set filter criteria on location (e.g. C:\) or file extension (e.g..htm).
Filters are independent. You can quickly select a combination of folder and file filters to restrict search and quickly narrow down results.
Quickly jump to particular item without recursively searching. Display thumbnail image. Jump to particular item without recursively searching. Thumbnails can be enabled on-demand.
Jump to folder or file without recursively searching for them. Define folder or file filter in one go – recursively or not.
Data compression. Saving disk space and streaming from the server to your computer are some of the reasons why iFind can come with some of the less intrusive features.
Smaller and faster to start. Most of the features (not all) are available without installing any third-party add-ons. Much smaller memory usage.
No annoying prompts. You’ll never receive annoying prompts or boxes on your desktop when iFind will locate your file.
Save for your own use. You are allowed to use iFind for your own needs.
iFind – one of the fastest file finders out there.
Platform: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
License: Personal Use Only




Download iFind Trial Version – iFind is a free trial of the full version of the software, which you can get for an absolutely Free, and without registration. If you like the trial version, you can easily upgrade to the full version by clicking “Buy Now”.

File Find (Freeware) – File Find is a file search program for locating files in Windows Explorer and the document viewer or other applications where browsing through the lists of files is not possible.
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IFind Crack With Product Key

iFind is a lightweight tool that allows you to quickly index particular locations on your hard drive. It also supports file masks to make it even easier for you to locate files and folders of interest.
Key Features:
– Index multiple locations by location and file extensions
– Display result rows to easily locate files and folders
– View the indexed file locations in a compact form
– Filter by file name, type and folder location to get rid of unwanted items
– Apply filter rules or free form settings
– Displays the file paths and file size for each indexed item
– Supports drag and drop of items to and from the tool
– Highlighting of indexed items in the tool
– Define search ranges to speed up the indexing process
– Index random locations and folders
– File masks
– Built-in help and support
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What’s New In?

iFind is an indexed file search and display tool. It supports multiple indexed locations and various file types. Also, it provides 2 pane style interface for displaying search results. You can also drag&drop files and folders on the pages for easy viewing.
iFind Key Features:
➤ Ability to create indexed locations and then search for files, or search all files and folders for specified keywords.
➤ Search on multiple types of files such as Office documents, images, Windows apps, text files and archives.
➤ Customize the way how iFind displays each result by defining file and/or folder labels.
➤ Display search results in a way that’s handy for quick navigation and browsing files.
➤ Drag and drop files on the pages for easy file search.
➤ And much more…
Application Size:
1.5 MB
System Requirements:
.NET Framework 4.5 or later
How to Download & Install iFind:
Download and Install iFind from below link

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System Requirements For IFind:

Vista, Windows 7
Mac OS 10.2