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Godzilla: King of the Monsters has so many issues I can’t even get around to naming them all. The acting is hit and miss, the writing is frequently disjointed and often unrealistic and the CGI work is cheap and the practical effects sloppy. But one particular moment I wanted to share is the long-awaited first meeting between Godzilla and the king of them all. This moment takes place in the film’s opening scenes when Mothra is first introduced to Godzilla. The scene is a cut up and mess of wire work that has to have one very lucky result.

Here is the moment, and its three parts:

This situation was the result of a lot of work by a motion graphics team.

First, is the detailed treatment of the animatics. It’s hard to tell what the exact final look will be, but you can see the work done by the team.

The following is the final look as prepared by the CGI team.

The final sequence was a combination of the two approaches and some additional creative work. It may be the most detailed moment in the whole movie.

The scene consists of a building of animated life forms. The more friendly forms is designed to be ignored as the scene’s main focus is on Godzilla and Mothra.

This scene represents one of many a “happy accident” in the movie.

Creating a wire-frame construction of a building is a time consuming and laborious process. The workers are quiet and useful as they move the construction around the office. In the next shot the construction is seen from a rooftop and the surprise of the moment has been done. Unfortunately, the final version of the scene has been completely redone.

Here is the second shot

If there was more space, a second perspective of the scene could be added to match the first, and even better yet the construction is back to a wire-frame.

And here is how it’s in the movie.

There were a lot of decisions made, such as the placement of the plant, Godzilla’s roar, the interacting and fighting scene, and the final look.

Production isn’t always this easy.


All looks great. I really liked the second shot – it was a cool little touch. One thing I noticed was that you didn’t have the plant on the roof in the following shot. Are you still planning on having it or is that a mistake?

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