How Your Sales And Marketing Can Work Together In Account-Based Marketing

Tom Hileman leads an award-winning agency to deliver high-touch, data-driven marketing solutions for leading organizations nationwide.

In a typical inbound marketing flow, a wide net is cast to bring in prospects, which are then distilled down into qualified leads and passed to sales. It’s an approach many have used and found success with for years, and it’s not going away anytime soon. But what if you could get straight to qualified leads?

That would mean no more guessing, filtering and finding — just qualified leads with an awareness of your brand, your offerings and how you can help them meet their needs. This is exactly what account-based marketing (ABM) affords.

What Is ABM?

ABM is an approach that focuses marketing and sales efforts to bring in targeted, high-value clients with a high chance of conversion. And it’s one that’s gained traction over the years, especially where the more personalized, targeted approach makes perfect sense for highly specialized or niche products and services in the B2B space.

Those employing ABM, including my company, typically see benefits like increased customer loyalty and higher ROI than traditional marketing. We started employing ABM more than five years ago, knowing that our B2B clients have naturally niche audiences and were bound to benefit from an account-based, highly targeted approach. And with the improving tools, technology and datasets of today, our clients still enjoy an increase in…

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