Here at Unbounce, we’re continuing to watch and adapt to COVID-19 as details emerge. But this isn’t business as usual for anybody—it’s uncharted territory, and it’s understandable that many of us are feeling anxious about what comes next. 

Landing pages are certainly not top-of-mind for you at this time. Right now, you’re concerned about your health, your family, and your community. 

But if worries about your campaigns and software subscriptions are piling stress onto an already stressful situation, we want to take that pressure off.

At Unbounce, we’re doing all we can to handle our side of things best for you, so you can take care of the things that matter most—whether that’s how we’re answering current, immediate questions from our customers, or determining how we can best help small businesses generally as things progress. 

For customers, generally—here’s what we’ve heard from you:

Our teams have been talking to marketers across the industry spectrum. Here’s what you’re telling us you’re facing right now:

  • Many brands are in a rush to communicate crisis messaging. For instance, ecomm brands need to convey details of delayed shipping or supply chain interruptions to their audience. A great option for this is via popups and sticky bars on their site, or via email. Ideally, ecommerce brands are trying to cover all points of contact without creating more noise.
  • Some brands are struggling in unanticipated ways. Brick and mortar restaurants and…

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