How to Write Persuasive Follow Up Emails to Drive Replies (+ Free Templates)

Writing a sales follow up email might not be your idea of a fun time – but perhaps it should be.

A diligent and repeatable follow up process may be the biggest factor in getting opportunities to convert into deals. Depending on the size of your average deal, you could add millions to the bottom line. All it takes is a quick sales follow-up email or five.

What Is a Follow Up Email?


Follow up emails are exactly what they sound like. They’re emails that you send to a potential customer that you’ve been in contact with about an offer or deal in the past.

If you send out an epic follow up, you’ll be able to re-engage and keep a prospect on the line until they’re ready to move forward in their journey.

When to Send a Follow Up Email

Truthfully, you don’t want to wait long at all. You’ll want to follow up within two or three days after interacting with them.

Most people open their emails the day they receive them, and the same goes for replying. You can assume that if they don’t respond that same day, they’re not going to at all. Wait a few days before sending another.

If you’re wondering what counts as an interaction, a general rule of thumb is to send a follow up email after:

  • A meeting
  • A trigger event
  • A networking event
  • Your first discussion
  • Leaving a voicemail

How to Write a Follow Up Email


Of course, it’s vital to build relationships before, during, and after any email campaign. When leads know you and trust your brand, they’re more likely to…

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