How to Win a Client That's Been Burned by an SEO Agency

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As in any industry where trust has to be placed in an expert or authority, there are sharks in SEO. While we in local search like to think of ourselves as the more approachable, more trustworthy kid brother of mainstream SEO, sadly there are always opportunities for professionals to behave less than professionally, taking advantage of businesses and eroding the good standing and expertise SEOs should have.

You might not have dealt with SEOs playing fast and loose with the truth, but if you’ve been in SEO for some time, and worked with a variety of clients, you’ll no doubt have come across clients who have.

The experience of dealing with SEOs who overpromise and overcharge can leave more than a bad taste in the mouths of local business owners and marketers, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them to turn tail and charge forth with an agency-free, Google-only strategy, leaving SEO in their wake.

No, when confronted with a prospect who says they’re “done with SEO,” you have an opportunity – nay, a responsibility (okay, I’ll get off my high horse now) – to rebuild their trust in SEO and deliver the kind of service they should have received in the first place.

If you’re staring at a huge gulf between yourself and your client, wondering how to broach the topic of SEO with someone who’s…

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