Local video marketing

There’s no dismissing the importance of SEO. It’s absolutely necessary to get found online and to source as many relevant views to your content as possible.

But trying to rank for poor quality or misaligned content just won’t work. Not even the best SEO can save content that people don’t find valuable. 

And value matters today. Consumers want to solve problems, so that’s the kind of content Google is going to surface. Plus, it’s generally believed that search engines favor engagement and use it as an indicator of the quality of content. Things like time-on-page can indicate to Google whether it’s doing its job right — serving up relevant content to the right people.

When it comes to ranking videos in Google, however, you’ve got to look beyond technical SEO. You must think of the larger objective: engaging more buyers with content that solves problems. 

After all, if your content isn’t educating and converting, no amount of SEO will solve that problem. 

Take DIY pest control company, Solutions Pest & Lawn. They created a YouTube video that ranks on the first page of Google for the term “How to get rid of roaches New Orleans”.

Their video shows viewers four ways to deal with roaches. It’s a perfect example of how to give your audience exactly what they want. The video has generated just over 29 thousand views since it was published. 

So, how do you bridge the gap and create the kind of video content that ranks well in search…

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