There are many ways you can go about improving the ranking of a website. I think it could even go without saying that the majority of those with websites know what to do. However, just because we all know what to do doesn’t necessarily mean we know what’s best for each respective website. This is where data comes to play. Data for websites can tell you exactly what is working well for your website, and what isn’t in relation to search engine optimization. We can then interpret this data to improve the rankings.

SEMRush is a great tool (just like Moz and Ahrefs too) as a tool which dives into providing you all of the neccessary data to help you understand where your website is doing well and not so well, in the world of Google. With this in mind, here are some ways you can use SEMRush to improve your website’s ranking.


Domain Overview

Domain overview is a really handy tool to see a high level overview of how your website is doing. It looks at:

Organic search traffic

This will show you how your website is doing, in terms of gaining organic search traffic over time.



How to use domain overview?

  • Look at how the traffic to the website differs between mobile and desktop – if there is a significant difference or the trend for the traffic is different, you should dive into why this might be the case (are articles ranking lower on mobile because of less optimized or slower theme)?
  • Look at the traffic generation for different countries. This will give a good…

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