How to Use On-site Features to Complement Physical Stores

In this article, guest contributor Elliot Mark explores how local businesses can create online customer experiences to complement physical brick-and-mortar stores, and provides customer service tips for retailers.

Throughout recent years, the growth of the online retail industry has made it increasingly difficult for brick-and-mortar retailers to compete, pushing them to adapt to maintain their viability. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has only added urgency to this process. Unable to carry on as usual, even the staunchest holdouts have had to embrace online operations.

While there are some notable distinctions, online and offline retail overlap far more than they differ. Consider what it takes to bring a customer back, for instance. Superb customer service, whether it involves providing key advice concerning product options or calmly and productively fielding complaints, is a necessity for every type of retailer.

Now that in-person shopping has become so limited, with people being much less willing to spend significant time in stores (and much more likely to use straightforward click-and-collect systems with minimal interaction), traditional retailers can take advantage of this overlap. They can’t provide rich service in person, but they can provide it through the internet.

In this post, I’m going to set out four ways in which exceptional online customer experience can help you make your customers happy, bolster your reputation, and encourage patrons to return…

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